I've had the pleasure of working with Julie Stevens over the past couple of years and during this time have come to consider her a good friend as well as a professional associate.

Julie's integrity, warmth and drive are evident from the outset when you meet her. These qualities have certainly come to the fore as I have watched her successfully work with a large team of people in the past few years, enabling each of them to achieve things they never would have previously thought possible.

Julie has a real interest in the people she works with and takes great delight in watching them reach their goals - and realise their full potential.

Her ability to motivate and inspire people to be their best - which is always done with compassion, insight, empathy and good humour - is unique.

Whenever I spend time with Julie I always learn something new, and I very much respect and appreciate her wisdom and willingness to share.

Anyone who has the opportunity to be guided, coached or mentored by Julie is a fortunate person indeed!

Karen Baldwin
Ellwin Communications


Julie Stevens appreciates and understands the business woman in you, a mentor with passion and integrity, with a 'can' rather than 'cannot' attitude. Julie is a visionary leader who will help you develop long term self-belief.

Her gift to me is her willingness to share her knowledge, wisdom and wealth of experience, all of which truly come from the heart. As women we often underestimate our value in the business world. Julie has the ability to assist you in creating and shaping the life that you desire. Julie is a shining example of uniqueness and compassion and to see her achieve, striving to be the very best she can, is inspiring in itself.

With this level of commitment, I will continue on my path to be the very best business women/leader I can and want to be with Julie's encouragement and guidance. Thank you for being you!

Warmest regards
Denise Tinwell


A dear friend gave me a number of coaching sessions with Julie, and the gift has come to be one of the most important in my life.

After five very difficult years - which included the death of my mother, the birth of my two children, two job redundancies and starting my own business - I needed to reassess my personal and professional goals and carve out a new path. Julie has been the best person to help guide that journey.

Julie has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and she is one of the most genuine and passionate women I've met. It's exciting to see my own progress, and Julie's genuine pleasure in seeing me move closer to my goals has been tremendously important. Importantly, too, Julie intuitively knows when to push and when to take a step back, and her ability to assess and match my needs from session to session shows exceptional flexibility, perception and empathy.

I have such respect for Julie and highly value her opinion, judgements and advice. I cannot recommend Julie highly enough. Suffice to say, she is well and truly at the top of my list of professional advisers - pushing my accountant, financial adviser and others to a very distance second place!

Tia Psaras

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