Come along to a one hour presentation that could help you to make the changes you need.

Events are held at 8 Montrose Avenue, Norwood.

Please feel free to come earlier for a coffee/tea and some networking time with me and other participants.

Close-up-of-business-teamResilience – a key factor in effective leadership.

So, how resilient are you?  The only constant in organisations is change. Your ability to thrive through change, is paramount to your success as a leader. In one hour, we’ll look at what resilience is, how resilient you are and the 5 key steps for developing resiliency skills and strengths.  Resilience is at the top of the ‘must-have’ list for women in leadership roles or aspiring to be in leadership roles.  Come along to this workshop to begin building your capacity fast!

Wed 10 Sep 7-8pm $25 Book Now



Health = Success

Are you sacrificing your health in the race for success?

What if I was to say that health is a key indicator for measuring success…how are you travelling?

I have 5 simple tips to share with you that will ensure that you aren’t sacrificing good health, whilst still achieving all of your goals.

Invest in yourself – trust me, it’s worth it!

Wed 17 Sep 6-7pm $25 Book Now



 Thinking of a Career Change?

For many of us, our early or first career choice may not end up being everything that we hoped for and so we will be considering a change at some point in time.

Often we don’t know where to start.

Come along to my one hour presentation where I’ll share with you 4 all important questions, that once answered will see you on the path to change!

Wed 01 Oct 6-7pm $25 Book Now

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